Who We Are

A cabinetmaker that can offer more. 

That is what we strive to be every day.  We can offer more because we have the resources and expertise to design, manufacture and install the finest quality cabinets available.  We can offer more because our Ventura location is central to our market.  And we can offer more because we have over 60 years of continuous operation.


W.L. Rubottom Company, Cabinetmakers has been in the business of building cabinets for new homes and remodels since 1946.  We started in the garage of our founder, Wilbur Rubottom, in the LA region and moved to Ventura in 1958.  Since then we’ve grown to become one of the largest cabinet manufacturers on the Southern and Central coast between L.A. and San Jose.  We are set up to provide cabinets to custom and production homes and kitchens in Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, Santa Maria County, Los Angeles County, and San Luis Obispo County.


We have evolved from asmall cabinetmaker to a large manufacturer over our decades of operation and can offer products and services that cannot be easily matched by big-box retailers, small shops, or even kitchen dealers.  Everything that comes out of our facility is custom made and finished in our 50,000 square foot modern plant in Ventura.  Our personnel, including our experienced installation crew, are all local members of the community.  Due to our size and location our turn-around time from design to installation is very rapid.  And we are able to offer competitive prices because there is no middle-man to mark up the price of our product.


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