Walnut Cabinets in the Ventura Hills

We have recently participated in another remodel of a classic Ventura hills home.  (The last Ventura hills kitchen remodel can be found here.) These homeowners came to us with some great ideas of their own, and we were happy to help them make it happen.  

Walnut Island Face

Their primary source of inspiration for their cabinets came from a photograph in a magazine. I'll update this entry with exactly which magazine if I can remember to get that information from them.  However, what I'm trying to emphasize is that we can help you create exactly the kitchen or bathroom you want if you're willing to work with us and particularly show us pictures of what you are looking for.

The cabinets in this kitchen are constructed from Walnut.  In order to let the inherent quality of the walnut colors shine through, we finished it clear.  The handle on these cabinets is known as a "continuous pull".  I did not get a photo of every accessory, but you will see a few below.  The customers put a special effort into maximizing the efficiency of this kitchen with pull-outs, appliance garages, and other accessories.

Walnut Island Face

The face view of the island with (from the left) veggie sink, commercial range, and spice pullout.

Walnut Kitchen Full View

Yes, I am aware there is a dog under the island overhang.

Walnut Kitchen View from Overhang

White counters, concrete overhang.

Walnut Pantry Wall

Note the appliance garage on the right.

appliance garage open

Photo of the appliance garage open.


Pantry pull-outs

spice pullout

Spice pull-out

Walnut View from Window

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