Testimonial: Thank you Rubottom Co.!

Every so often we receive thank you cards or accolades from one of our customers.  We call them "attaboys".  Usually we put them in a file or post them on the bulletin board for the crew, but we've decided to start posting them here as well.  We enjoy these cards and letters, but our greatest joy is a happy customer.

We received this card for a "simple" service call in September.  It goes to show that every interaction with a customer counts.

Thank You card


The text of the card reads:

September 17, 2010

Thank You!


My husband Frank and I would like to express our appreciation for such wonderful service regarding our pantry(s) repair.  Steve, thanks for sending Adiel (sp?) so quickly after my call -- he was very conscientious and addressed all of our questions and concerns. We are absolutely satisfied customers --

Thank you Rubottom Co.!



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