Testimonial from a Ventura Customer

We've received some great reviews on Yelp.com, and we really appreciate them. Unfortunately, Yelp reviews tend to dissappear if the reviewer isn't an active Yelp user. I totally understand this rule in Yelp's algorithm. Becuase, after all, what is an algorithm without rules? However, I'm not willing to let the unsolicited kind words from our customers dissapear into the internet ether. So just in case they do end up dissappearing from Yelp, I'm posting them here as well for posterity. Thank you customers (both those who review us and those who don't).


From a lovely couple in Ventura, quite near our plant actually, who recently remodeled their home:

My wife and I were anxious about starting our very first kitchen re-model. We contacted several cabinet makers, and  decided to go with W.L. Rubottom and Co.
And, what a great decision!  These guys really know their stuff!  I was stressed every step of the way, but, after all was said and done I realized I didn't need to be concerned for one minute!  They completed their work right on schedule, the installation went perfectly, The plant manager was in constant contact with us, and they treated us like family.  They run their business as well as any business I've ever dealt with...Couldn't recommend them more highly.


Thanks for the kind words and your business.


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