Testimonial for a Bathroom Cabinet

No job is too small to merit our full attention.


This couple has a vacation condo in Ventura. They were here visiting from Florida and needed a bathroom cabinet within the time frame of their vacation. I told them we couldn't push them ahead of anyone, but if they worked with me on the details we could get it done quickly. 


So that is what they did. They even waited while I designed the cabinet so we could settle all the design questions at once. They paid their deposit, and within a few hours the cabinet was in production. With a little help from our favorite granite guy (more on him later) we were able to get the job done and in place with enough time for them to enjoy it before they returned home.


They were kind enough to post a review on our Yelp.com page, which I am reposting here for posterity:


When my husband and I planned to redo our bathroom in Ventura, we knew two things for sure:  (1) We wanted a custom look, and (2) we couldn't break the bank.  Oh, and we needed our dream vanity in record time because we had company coming.  Not only did Jay step up to the task and guide us towards a beautiful selection, but he was able to connect us with a great granite guy, who put on the finishing touches. If you think you can't afford custom work, think again!  We highly recommend this company.  They will serve you well, and we are looking forward to working with them again on our next project.


Thanks for the kind words and for your business.



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