Testimonial: Beautiful and Timely

We don't get them every day, but we've decided to post our "attaboys" here on our blog. It's a nice gesture from our customer to go out of their way to send us a thoughtful card or letter, and we really appreciate it.  In other words, it makes our day.

We love receiving thank you cards from our customers.  The best part about this business is helping people put together a great kitchen or bathroom, and it's nice to know when a customer is happy with what they received.  The author of this card has some lovely penminship; the text reads:

Happy holidays,

Hoping all your holiday dreams come true.

Thank you so much for making our cabinets so beautifully and timely. We hope Santa put you on the "nice" list.

Indeed. Thank you for the card, you're welcome for the cabinets, and happy holidays.


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