Small Customs, Modular Cabinets and Remodels

It is easiest and most compelling for us to take pictures of our big custom cabinet installations.  In part because we dedicate a lot of time and energy in terms of innovation and research to the custom cabinets in the bigger and high end homes, and in part because they photograph well.  As a byproduct we may give the impression that we only want to build and install cabinets for the high end or large home.  However, this is not the case.  We exist to make cabinets and to help home owners, remodelers, and builders create excellent modern and convenient kitchens regardless of the size.  We have resources available for the remodeler, the do-it-yourselfer, and the high-end custom builder.

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Modular Cabinets for the Do-It-Yourself Type

If you are looking for a few modular cabinets and are capable of installing them yourself, we have a line of budget cabinets to choose from.  They're not going to be as cheap and as cheaply made as the big box retailer cabinet, but what you'll find is that we have a much larger assortment of sizes and a higher quality that will enable you to achieve a nearly custom result for a budget price.  Of course another advantage of buying modular cabinets directly from us is that you can customize them by picking your door and your finish.  If you come by the shop or call (805.648.6943), you can ask for modular cabinets and we'll help you determine what you need, price it out, and order the cabinets.  Nothing we produce sits on a shelf so even modular cabinets will be custom built in the shop.  When they're ready, bring your truck and we'll help you load them along with everything you will need to finish the job (scribe, cleat stock, etc.).  You provide your own nails and screws, of course.

Our modular cabinets would be for small jobs: studio kitchenettes, bathrooms, bedrooms, islands, additions to existing kitchen cabinets, etc.


We produce cabinets for remodels big and large.  If you have a condo or an older home and are looking to refresh your kitchen, we can help you with it.  You'll have the same options to choose from as the big builder or custom contractor.  One of our professional designers will assist you in laying out your kitchen, making decisions about cabinet finish colors and door styles, and will make sure that your appliances, plumbing, electrity, walls and cabinets all fit together.  We will come and measure it for you so you won't have to worry about mistakes and things not fitting together.  If we come and measure it and the cabinets don't fit properly, then it's our fault and we are responsible for fixing it.  Our installers are top notch and will give you a professional installation. And, finally, because we manufacture everything from the doors to the boxes, you'll get a very competitive price and a premium product.


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