Glossy Red Laminate Custom Kitchen Remodel

We are known for our dynamic finishes and beautifully painted kitchens, however, we are very capable of doing nice laminate cabinetry as well. This unique Camarillo kitchen is a great example of fusing modern and old-world materials to create an organic whole.

Glossy Red Laminate Island

This kitchen makes a great use of hardwood flooring, laminate cabinets, and modern stainless appliances, to create a cohesive whole. A few particular design elements to point out:


  1. The two level island is less frequently seen than in the past, but I am a believer. The separate eating and serving space is really nice to have.
  2. To either side of the window they are a bit hard to spot, but the customer has integrated stainless cabinet doors with vertical lift. These add a distinct modern touch (and are very useful).
  3. The contrast between the flooring and the cabinet is subtle, but really well done. Look here if you are trying to figure out how a floor, cabinet, and counter color mix should work.
  4. Not really a design note, but I love the pendant lights.


Glossy red laminate kitchen island

Glossy red laminate island front

Glossy red laminate island front right

Red Laminate Island Front View

Red laminate island with hardwood cherry back

Glossy red laminate with hardwood cherry back, rear view.

Red laminate island rear view



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