Ojai Custom Effectively Mixes Colors

I often tell custom and remodel customers that you don't have to 'break the bank' to add custom touches to your kitchen remodel.  But if you're going to go to the trouble to get custom kitchen cabinets from us, you should add the special touches and ideas you have into the design.  We will help you turn your ideas into a "kitchen cabinetry" reality.  If it can't be done, or it is prohibitively expensive to do so, we will simply tell you.  But it is often the nice custom modifications that really set apart the custom kitchen cabinet remodel.  This beautiful Ojai home is a good example.

Swiss Coffee kitchen cabinets and the dog.

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Swiss Coffee and Merlot Finishes

One of the simple things they did was to mix the Swiss Coffee finish color on the outside upper and base cabinets with the Merlot finish on the island and the single pop-out hutch cabinet.


Special Knobs and Pulls

Again they mixed, only this time it was the knobs.  They used bin pulls on the drawers and regular mushroom pulls on the doors.  It is a simple touch, but it adds a lot of distinctive visual interest to the kitchen.

Cantilevers, Large Crown, and Built-in Cabinet Accessories

Some of the other nice custom touches that were designed into this kitchen were the cantilevers on the peninsula to effectively support the weight of the granite overhang, but in a manner that makes it look like it is floating; a large crown molding at the uppers, and built-in cabinet accessories such as rollout trays, recycle bins, a pegged plate drawer, and pull-out spice racks.  These accessories when built-in to the cabinetry can help to distinguish it from the cabinetry available at big-box and modular retailers.

Pull-out spice racks


Plate drawer



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