Midtown Ventura Remodel

This midtown Ventura remodel must be seen to be believed. This family poured their heart and soul (not to mention plenty of hard work) to transform their kitchen from a small crowded room into a wide-open family space. I was pleased to be a part of their design process and, since I live nearby, I have been able to keep tabs on their progress. It has been a few months since we installed our cabinets, so I went over this morning to see the final result and take a few photos. Needless to say, I was very pleased with the results. They did a great job putting the kitchen together, choosing lighting and fixtures, wall, cabinet, floor, and countertop colors.

Banquette with Vinyl Cushion

The homeowners were kind enough to send me some "before" pictures to compare to the final product, so I thought we could juxtapose the "before" with the "after" in this post.


BEFORE: Sink Wall

 kitchen remodel 006

AFTER: Sink Wall

View from the Family Room

BEFORE: Inside Corner -- notice the awkwardly placed, space-wasting dishwasher

kitchen remodel 003

AFTER: Inside Corner -- dishwasher is gone! We moved it to the right of the sink, and put this great lazy susan in the corner instead.

Corner Lazy Susan

The view from the banquette.

Glass Detailing

The Banquette

I will be honest, I do love this kitchen, but my favorite thing about it is the banquette. The homeowners were equivocating about the seating area, and were considering a booth/bench seating. As a big booth fan, I looked at their choices and suggested that maybe Rubottom could build them a banquette to match the kitchen. They are easy going people and they gave me permission to design and price it, and ultimately chose to go with the banquette. I was pleased they trusted me with it, and felt that we delivered an elegant solution.

If you have the space, a banquette is a great way to provide seating and minimize space use. They look clean, can provide extra storage for linens, and are a comfortable place for the family to gather for meals, homework, or a game of Ticket to Ride.

Hello Kitty, Daisies, and a Banquette

Yes, I love the Hello Kitty backpack and the matching daisies.


Custom made vinyl cushions.

Banquette with Vinyl Cushion


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