Manhattan Beach Cherry Custom Cabinets

Beautiful Manhattan Beach custom cherry cabinets in a modern mode.

My limitations as a photographer were exposed in this kitchen (no pun intended). Had I had the proper equipment (wide angle) I would have been better prepared to show off the beauty of this kitchen. As it was I was scrambling desparately to get the right angle, and I never quite did.

The pass through between the kitchen and the hall is executed really well. The builder did a great job with selecting appliances to suit the kitchen. The straight line of the hood compliments the cabinets and the post.

A small space like this is expanded by the use of glass and the high contrast of the dark cabinetry with the countertops and walls.

This is, in my experience, the best use of a farmhouse style sink. It perfectly marries the sharpness of the cabinetry and appliances with the warmth of the stone on the walls and counter. And it just flows perfectly.


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