Letter of Appreciation

We take great pride in what we do here. Our cabinets, whether custom or production, are each made to the best of our standards and experience, and nothing pleases us more than a happy customer with a beautiful kitchen. Occassionaly, we receive thank you letters from our customers and each one is treasured. This letter of appreciation, however, is perhaps the kindest and most thorough we have received in our history. I took the trouble to scan it and post it here, but I will quote from it if only to encourage our salesmen, installers, drivers and swampers, nailers, finishers, and our various other specialists to keep up the good work.


No one enjoys having their home under construction or invaded by strangers but I must say your personnel felt like family and we'd do it again. You are truly blessed by your salesman John, your delivery personnel and installer Scott.


This cuts right to the chase. Ripping up your home is a trying experience, and our goal is to make it as quick and painless as possible. Work with us to review a reasonable schedule. Many remodelers get in trouble when they schedule things incorrectly.


And finally, the unsung heroes of your organization are the many behind the scenes especially your cabinet maker/machinists and finishers. This was a job well done by these professionals. I could tell by the tight joints and attention to detail in every aspect of the construction. Quality of workmanship was perfect and exceeded expectations in every way.


Quite so! The installers get all the praise (just kidding). Our employees are highly skilled professionals and we are blessed to have them.


I know our project was small in comparison to the large multiple home tracts that you are used to doing. But from our perspective, this was a large and expensive investment for us. Please accept our appreciation for a job well done. Enclosed please find our final payment as agreed.


A "thank you letter" is one thing, a "thank you letter" that comes with a cheque is quite another. Fantastic job, everyone! And thanks to our customers for your business and the kind words.


Letter of Appreciation



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