Distressed Alder Cabinets in Malibu

Custom Home with Beautiful Alder Distressed Cabinets

The combination of elements are what make the design of this kitchen (and bathrooms) really stand out:


  1. Black glazed alder cabinetry with our Ponderosa door and our hand distressing
  2. Solid walnut flooring that closely coordinates with our alder cabinets
  3. Gorgeous creamy green countertops
  4. Dentil Moulding
  5. The elegant addition of glass doors
  6. The stainless steel appliances and matching faucets and hardware don't hurt, of course


Distressed Alder Kitchen

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Hand distressed alder cabinets.  The distressing is enhanced by the black glaze.  Or is it that the black glaze is enhanced by the distressing? Either way, glazing and distressing cabinets are mutually beneficial processes.

The potential of the kitchen island to be both a functional and an aesthetic center of a good design is fully realized in this kitchen.  Our posts and rosettes are combined to complete the corners and achieve a modified "flush fit" appearance.

Rubottom Cabinets with Viking Appliances

There isn't much to say here.  It's tough to go wrong with a dark finish on your cabinets juxtaposed with gorgeous modern appliances.  A Viking oven, micro and warming drawer? You could do worse, I suppose.



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