Custom Cabinetry Resource in Ventura

Quite often we at W.L. Rubottom Co are asked about custom cabinetry projects. We produce a custom cabinet, but our emphasis is the multiple production residential market. We are simply too busy doing high quality production work to take on the single custom kitchen, closet, bathroom, or entertainment center.

However, this void has created an opportunity for our president, Jay B. McCoy, to invest in a custom cabinetry maker in Ventura. The market exists in Ventura, Ojai, Santa Barbara, Ventura County, and northern Los Angeles County for custom cabinetry produced at a high quality at a rapid pace, produced one house at a time. The new company, Native Oak, takes the taste, quality, and quick manufacturing expertise of W.L. Rubottom Co. and combines it with the individual design and care of the existing company, Closet Crafters, to a market ready for well designed custom cabinetry, built for the individual and delivered on time.

Custom Cabinetry for Living


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