Blonde, Blue and Red Oak Kitchen

I wish we could take more credit for the design decisions in this kitchen because the results are extraordinary.However, this kitchen was the vision of the homeowner from start to finish.

The counter is pewter, which, over time, will develop a patina. I am interested to see what it looks like with use. It is strikingly beautiful material. It seems somehow more delicate and forgiving than stone or stainless, yet still durable.

The farm sink in this kitchen is strongly conveyed by the contrasting blonde finish. The grain in the oak, however, keeps it consistent from finish color to finish color. 

Just a beautiful kitchen. The marriage of the old and the new in the flooring and the French pieces is exquisite. In particular, the proportions of the hood and range are perfect. The island and the sink cabinet to the left of the range are imported French. Our task was to match the finish.

The simplicity of the Revere door lends itself well to this kind of setting. It is a strong door, but the straight lines don't distract from the design elements at play -- color and texture.



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