Blonde, Blue and Red Oak KitchenMar. 19th

I wish we could take more credit for the design decisions in this kitchen because the results are extraordinary.However, this kitchen was the vision of the homeowner from start to finish.

Santa Barbara Mission Style Home by Peter NovakDec. 14th

This home in Santa Barbara is quite beautiful. The builder, Peter Novak, is an exceptional craftsman, builder, and designer all rolled into one. He teamed up with our salesman, Leonard Andrews, to create this beauty. There are not too many more detail-minded people in the industry than these two men, and every inch, reveal, etc. is considered when they get together to design a kitchen. But, as you see, the results are stunning.

Beech cabinets, Hickory (modified) finish, mix of Shaker and Mission doors, frameless construction.

Shaker beech kitchen in SB


High Gloss Silver CabinetsNov. 18th

How interesting is this beach house? The color of the cabinetry (high gloss silver) and the stainless appliances creates an almost seamless appearance. The kitchen would almost appear industrial if it weren't for the softer touches of the pendants, the stools at the bar, and the countertops. With light coming in from the celing and both sides of the kitchen, the kitchen fights the gloom that is (often) a reality in Ventura county beach homes. 


Letter of AppreciationJul. 27th

We take great pride in what we do here. Our cabinets, whether custom or production, are each made to the best of our standards and experience, and nothing pleases us more than a happy customer with a beautiful kitchen. Occassionaly, we receive thank you letters from our customers and each one is treasured. This letter of appreciation, however, is perhaps the kindest and most thorough we have received in our history. I took the trouble to scan it and post it here, but I will quote from it if only to encourage our salesmen, installers, drivers and swampers, nailers, finishers, and our various other specialists to keep up the good work.


No one enjoys having their home under construction or invaded by strangers but I must say your personnel felt like family and we'd do it again. You are truly blessed by your salesman John, your delivery personnel and installer Scott.


Testimonial for a Bathroom CabinetJul. 11th

No job is too small to merit our full attention.


This couple has a vacation condo in Ventura. They were here visiting from Florida and needed a bathroom cabinet within the time frame of their vacation. I told them we couldn't push them ahead of anyone, but if they worked with me on the details we could get it done quickly. 


So that is what they did. They even waited while I designed the cabinet so we could settle all the design questions at once. They paid their deposit, and within a few hours the cabinet was in production. With a little help from our favorite granite guy (more on him later) we were able to get the job done and in place with enough time for them to enjoy it before they returned home.


They were kind enough to post a review on our page, which I am reposting here for posterity:


When my husband and I planned to redo our bathroom in Ventura, we knew two things for sure:  (1) We wanted a custom look, and (2) we couldn't break the bank.  Oh, and we needed our dream vanity in record time because we had company coming.  Not only did Jay step up to the task and guide us towards a beautiful selection, but he was able to connect us with a great granite guy, who put on the finishing touches. If you think you can't afford custom work, think again!  We highly recommend this company.  They will serve you well, and we are looking forward to working with them again on our next project.


Thanks for the kind words and for your business.


Testimonial from a Ventura CustomerJul. 08th

We've received some great reviews on, and we really appreciate them. Unfortunately, Yelp reviews tend to dissappear if the reviewer isn't an active Yelp user. I totally understand this rule in Yelp's algorithm. Becuase, after all, what is an algorithm without rules? However, I'm not willing to let the unsolicited kind words from our customers dissapear into the internet ether. So just in case they do end up dissappearing from Yelp, I'm posting them here as well for posterity. Thank you customers (both those who review us and those who don't).


From a lovely couple in Ventura, quite near our plant actually, who recently remodeled their home:

My wife and I were anxious about starting our very first kitchen re-model. We contacted several cabinet makers, and  decided to go with W.L. Rubottom and Co.
And, what a great decision!  These guys really know their stuff!  I was stressed every step of the way, but, after all was said and done I realized I didn't need to be concerned for one minute!  They completed their work right on schedule, the installation went perfectly, The plant manager was in constant contact with us, and they treated us like family.  They run their business as well as any business I've ever dealt with...Couldn't recommend them more highly.


Thanks for the kind words and your business.