Wants/Needs a BanquetteJun. 21st

Jeni over at admires our banquette from the Midtown Ventura Remodel post. Well, we'll be happy to build one. Those windows look a little low in the space she shows on the site. I wonder if we can notch around them.

Midtown Ventura RemodelMay. 26th

This midtown Ventura remodel must be seen to be believed. This family poured their heart and soul (not to mention plenty of hard work) to transform their kitchen from a small crowded room into a wide-open family space. I was pleased to be a part of their design process and, since I live nearby, I have been able to keep tabs on their progress. It has been a few months since we installed our cabinets, so I went over this morning to see the final result and take a few photos. Needless to say, I was very pleased with the results. They did a great job putting the kitchen together, choosing lighting and fixtures, wall, cabinet, floor, and countertop colors.

Banquette with Vinyl Cushion

Bathroom Picture from a CustomerApr. 01st

We love it when customers send in photos of the finished work. It's not often we get to see the whole thing completed with counters and fixtures, so it's great to see it when a customer sends us a photo. What we really want is our customers to get the bathrooms and kitchens they want and need, and so a picture usually means they did and they're excited to share it with us.


This bathroom remodel in Camarillo ended up being quite lovely. Maple cabinets, Eagle doors, Chestnut finish with a black glaze, with legs at the sinks that were "popped out" proud of the cabinets.


Chestnut Bathroom

Thanks for the photo!


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2011 Santa Barbara Winter Home ShowFeb. 15th

The Home Show is coming to Santa Barbara, and Rubottom Cabinets will be there again.  The dates are February 26-27. 

One of the great things about the show for us is that it gives people a chance to actually see and feel our cabinets.  We have created a full-sized kitchen with in-cabinet accessories such as roll-outs, spice racks, soft-close drawers, baskets, and a pantry system that defies description, granite counters (thanks to Celestine) and true gourmet appliances (thanks to Reid's).  It's advantageous for our customers to see and connect with our cabinets in real life. It is also really helpful if we can meet with you and your kitchen or bath plans, magazine cutouts, and pictures to help get a complete picture of what you are looking for in the project.

Here's a link to what I originally wrote about our display; its design and inception.  And please come see us at the Santa Barbara show.

Santa Monica Custom AlderFeb. 01st

These cabinets are from a beach home along the PCH in Santa Monica, CA. We describe these cabinets as alder cabinets with a Shaker door, but really there is much more to it.  Your eye is drawn to the glass inserts in these cabinets for good reason, but pay attention as well to the perfectly scaled crown and the (difficult to photograph) rich tone of the Alder wood.


Buttress 2

Motion Visuals (Ventura, CA)Jan. 04th

Rubottom Cabinets is a Ventura, CA business.  We love our community.  This gorgeous video by Jim Martin of gives a good sense of our town.