Motion Visuals (Ventura, CA)Jan. 04th

Rubottom Cabinets is a Ventura, CA business.  We love our community.  This gorgeous video by Jim Martin of gives a good sense of our town.

Walnut Cabinets in the Ventura HillsDec. 27th

We have recently participated in another remodel of a classic Ventura hills home.  (The last Ventura hills kitchen remodel can be found here.) These homeowners came to us with some great ideas of their own, and we were happy to help them make it happen.  

Walnut Island Face

Shaker Door Cabinets in Custom Malibu HomeDec. 15th

Photos from a recently completed remodel in beach side home in Malibu.  Swiss Coffee painted Shaker cabinets in a flush fit European style.

Island Exterior

Testimonial: Thank you Rubottom Co.!Nov. 11th

Every so often we receive thank you cards or accolades from one of our customers.  We call them "attaboys".  Usually we put them in a file or post them on the bulletin board for the crew, but we've decided to start posting them here as well.  We enjoy these cards and letters, but our greatest joy is a happy customer.

Legs on Bathroom CabinetsSep. 29th

Legs or feet are an effective way to make a bathroom cabinet look more formal and more like furniture without losing the functional advantages of built-in cabinetry.

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Ojai Custom Effectively Mixes ColorsFeb. 05th

I often tell custom and remodel customers that you don't have to 'break the bank' to add custom touches to your kitchen remodel.  But if you're going to go to the trouble to get custom kitchen cabinets from us, you should add the special touches and ideas you have into the design.  We will help you turn your ideas into a "kitchen cabinetry" reality.  If it can't be done, or it is prohibitively expensive to do so, we will simply tell you.  But it is often the nice custom modifications that really set apart the custom kitchen cabinet remodel.  This beautiful Ojai home is a good example.

Swiss Coffee kitchen cabinets and the dog.

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